The Best Self Defense Techniques – In MMA training, I’ve found self defense techniques which would be incredibly powerful in a life or death situation. Learn…
Video Rating: 4 / 5 – Self defense techniques against multiple attackers in a real street fight must account for scenarios where you’re fighting a…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

35 Responses to FATAL Self Defense Techniques – How to Defend Yourself With Standing Submissions – The Best Moves

  • JYC987654321 says:

    That second technique is nasty!!!! Please do not show stuff that can kill

  • americanmambi says:

    The neck twist/crank its no joke, I dont even put much pressure while
    rolling and ppl tap all the time.

  • Wells says:

    what if your shorter than the other guy? 

  • ImNotAsGoodAsDevin says:

    how can you kill a guy with no neck

  • Axvre Awseaa says:

    your body is good i mean not skinny so it help you so much to punch and
    push and grab enemy

  • Nick Drossos says:

    Great self-defense video, very well explained.

  • Ras JumaideHD says:

    everyone press 2 on your keyboard many times… and laugh

  • nice-new says:

    Tip: Don’t go in the dark alley.

  • SOLOArts says:


  • onlyamanful says:

    7:18 yes

  • d3tach3d says:

    dat posture.

  • Anthony Jocko says:

    I thought I was so smart looking in the mirror behind Trav “Ha! He forgot
    to block out the…oh…denied…”

  • sjc says:

    There is a paradox of learning fighting techniques in that one has to
    continuously train them in order to execute the subtlety of movements you
    demonstrate so clearly so you spend a lot of time having to progressively
    incorporate the movements so you know them reactively and then you have to
    live in a way so that you never need to use them. When I used to box I
    used to be so tired between training that people could have hurled abuse at
    me and I wouldn’t have cared! 

  • ChurchNewCreation says:

    come at me bro

  • Moke McHelloThere says:

    *hears crack

  • sepia says:


  • Makron5 says:

    Every night when I sleep I’ve been attacked by a pack of prehistoric dire
    wolves, the dream ends with me dying every night. How do I defend myself
    against these wolves? They are much bigger and heavier than normal wolves
    and have huge teeth. Those teeth really hurt too. How do I defend myself at

  • Slayerx49 says:

    Jiu Jitsu works against, let’s say 5 attackers?

  • Jordan Collins says:

    This is good if you live in California,If you do live in California then
    you know what I mean.

  • GenuinePuncher says:

    “Is where you get cornered in, where you get cornered in and people just
    start jacking on you in the corner somewhere up against a wall” don’t hang
    around a gay biker bar and I don’t think you will run into this situation.

  • Marcus Day says:

    Someone better call life alert because this guy techniques are shitty and
    they won’t work!

  • PHOEBEE69 says:

    Shit that was really good

  • restatine says:

    I made that bet and lost 10 grand :L

  • Patrick Wu says:

    That would suck if three guys cornered you and started JACKING ON YOU

  • Fazhaan Ahmed says:

    This was shit! :/ you all need to check out Master Wong, real simple self
    defence training, wing chun & JKD. 

  • Makeupbydiva17 says:

    Are u in the military

  • aikipanda says:

    Excellent demonstration of a simple yet very effective principle of physics
    to escape. Thank you for the lesson. 

  • 7Storm7 says:

    Great tip CQ…

  • Kirigaya Kazuto says:

    Kick them in the ass because your leg can move :D

  • All Secured Security Services says:

    We do not condone violence. That being said, in the case of self-defense,
    proper use of force is necessary. When you’re being cornered by multiple
    attackers, these are some techniques to extract yourself from that
    position. Stay tuned for more self-defense techniques.

  • C Money says:

    I live in California and I do know what you mean.

  • Felipe Frota says:

    This technique will only work if your opponents are incompetent or
    collaborating with you. This is pure and utter bullshit.

  • philbertmill2 says:

    what if they immobilize your arms? or if you are in an actual corner??

  • ash harris says:

    did he say jacking on you hahahhah

  • Christopher Bennett says:

    Mr. Anderson, My name is Chris Cardinal. Great stuff. Sorry about 87.


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