www.elginjudoclub.co.uk A very rough cut of some self defence techniques. All techniques are performed in a controlled environment.
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25 Responses to Elgin Judo Club: self defence

  • Alan Bichard says:

    pinned that guy on the Brent bravo, goes down like a milkshake (real easy)

  • Tim Lee says:

    cool thanks for the video. i can learn by watching so thanks to u i learned
    a few new moves ^^

  • SpaceSolar says:

    Well done. This is the kind of spirit that the martial arts community – or
    at least that fragment of it online and posting on youtube – needs more of.
    Thank you for a peaceful and sensible discussion, stikkz.

  • Llamakiller says:

    @ManicParroT Come to my wrestling club and bring your “healthy untrained
    adult” friend and see if he doesn’t get manhandled by one of our 12 year
    old female wrestlers. You will be surprised of what technique, repetition,
    and trained reaction can do against brute strength.

  • nat d says:

    I had to use self defense i was in middle school at that time i got jumped
    by two high schoolers that were being fags lets just say they didn’t mess
    with again after that day.

  • Andrew French says:

    *ignorance Thanks for the comment.

  • vi c says:

    Great video, i need to prepare a Judo exhibition and i was looking for some
    self defence techniques. keep it up with judo!!

  • JudoAccount says:

    if you were fast enough and the other people didn’t have arms or legs

  • Lucabit says:

    thanks for posting the video .. I am a blue belt in judo, but I stopped
    eight years ago to practice it, for problems of working hours
    prohibitive.I’m 34 y, but I have a lot of energy,and today I have a great
    desire to restart..on one occasion the judo saved my life, I managed to
    avoid being killed in a fight outside a pub…bye

  • Kay Tacobell says:

    Man that’s so wrong… You’re gonna get that girls hair ripped out of her
    cranium.. Gain control of the wrist first, then attempt to gain momentum of
    your opponents arm… LOL

  • muaythaistud12 says:

    oh alright i have never done judo but think it would be the ultimat tool to
    have in an mma fight that and muay thai i think would pair up nicely so i
    like to look at it from more of a what can it set me up for than it just
    being a take down

  • Jamie King says:

    i do judo, my grandad is a black belt in three martial arts: judo, jujistu
    and tai kwon do (sorry for the spelling)

  • Llamakiller says:

    @ManicParroT Come to my wrestling club and bring your “healthy untrained
    adult” friend and see if he doesn’t get manhandled by one of out 12 year
    old female wrestlers.

  • Brady2k10 says:

    and if they land on concrete it fucking hurts, it hurts even if you know
    how to fall properly, so people you use judo on dont know how to land
    properly, and may even break something, but you should only use judo if you
    really need it, thats why you need a liscence, for insurance should you get
    hurt doing techniques and to prove to ppl you can seriously hurt them if
    they attack you, say u hurt someone in self defence you can say you showed
    your liscence first but they still continued.

  • Blade Edge says:

    The little girl kicks butt. Thank you for showing me that Judo is actually
    a martial art and not just a martial sport.

  • Zobert Landry says:

    This could have really done with some more brutal music.

  • parlachinchilla says:

    very good video i love the judo , im gonna practice this japanese martial

  • xcvWeirdo says:

    Or judo people don’t know how well a street thug might punch the judo man
    in the face and stab him before he even manage to touch the thug.

  • deR0ck85 says:

    hope u dont fight like u train. 4 the dude with the weapon is aiming 2 hit
    some1 behind the defendy every time except 4 the knife attack. y?

  • DJ Mixtacy says:

    The little girl was cool =D Judo has nice takedowns, but I still prefer
    jeet kune do as it contains “everything” from kicking range to grappling
    range 😛

  • JahdeneKiller says:


  • seph54 says:

    this is just pish

  • ocsarracdor says:


  • Wizborg says:

    Brilliant!!! Finally, I see a vid showing that Judo is effective in self
    defence.. The amount of people that refuse to believe it is, and tell me to
    take up Wing Chun or something. When will they listen, I dont like punching
    or kicking people, it’s not in my nature, I’d rather put them down in one
    throw, and if needs be, break their arm so they can’t attack me again… 😀

  • Glenn Cumbria says:

    @Yourmomishre I agree, judo would be more effective than TKD and sport
    karate ( though not more traditional styles which emphasise self defence)
    as a lot of attacks involved being grabbed from behind. You throw some
    mugger on the ground and he won’t get up again. However, one of the best
    for self defence is hapkido, but no schools for 110 miles.


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