Self defense techniques can be used to repel attacks on your person or property.  There are many self defense techniques, some of which focus on maiming or immobilizing an opponent whilst others focus on wresting the advantage from them by attacking with powerful moves from the motor muscles.  

Some tried and proven self defense techniques target specific areas of the body.  The face is an area with vital striking points such as the eyes, the temples and the nose.  The eye gouge can be a very effective technique if done properly and the assailant is taken by surprise.  In this technique, the person being attacked aims for the eyes and uses their fingers or an object such as a key to cause sufficient damage to the eyes so as to render the attacker unable to see to continue the attack.
A well timed blow to the temple can produce a block out effect on the attacker.  This is the result of loss of blood to the head from the blow.  The temple should be struck with the heel of the palm or a hammer fist so as to minimize damage to the hand as the head is a hard part of the body. The knees or elbows can also be effectively used.

The base of the nose where it meets the forehead between the eyes is another vulnerable point which if struck hard enough can render the person unconscious or start a heavy nose bleed.  This may be enough to deter the attacker and allow for enough time to escape.  Quick, decisive moves are best for attacking the face however as the attacker is able to see the counter attack and take preventative action.

Self defense techniques can be successfully applied to the throat and the front of the torso.  A severe blow to the throat can cause the loss of consciousness as the blood flow to the brain is interrupted.  This blow can cause death if it is done forcibly enough with a chisel fist.  Both the Adam’s apple (larynx) and the base of the throat can be targeted.

High heeled shoes do more than make a woman’s legs look attractive.  They can be a very effective weapon if a woman is grasped from behind.  The heels of these shoes can be used to stomp on the attacker’s toes, foot or to kick his shin hard enough to hurt and confuse him.  This can be followed up by an attack on his groin as he loosens his grip.

Possibly the most well known self defense technique is the kick to the groin.  The testicles in men are very tender and an area which is also fairly accessible if the attack takes place from the front.  A very firm and decisive kick to this area is enough to immobilize the attacker.  This tactic must be implemented without delay and decisively or it will be blocked by the attacker who will see it coming.

Striking with the elbow is a very effective self defense technique.  If this is done forcibly it will immobilize the attacker and allow time for escape.  Self defense techniques work best when they are done decisively and without hesitation at the most appropriate time during the attack.

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Self hypnosis is one amongst the foremost helpful areas of hypnosis, permitting you to maximise your artistic potential to accomplish no matter you need from life. Whether or not you were primarily drawn to alternative areas of hypnosis you may still notice this space of study invaluable. If you’re curious about stage hypnosis, these techniques will provide you the confidence required for a successful performance. If you are a lot of interested in hypnotherapy, use self hypnosis to develop a positive attitude; a vital tool for therapeutic use.

Learning to become a hypnotist can be an arduous task. Self hypnosis can give you with the dear follow and expertise needed to excellent your induction techniques. Additionally to the present, you are also in a position to use self hypnosis to boost your abilities as a hypnotist, making it one amongst the most helpful tools offered for anybody inquisitive about developing their skills.

Even if you have got no more interest in hypnosis, self hypnosis can benefit you in many ways. You’ll improve all areas of your life, overcome disabling fears, increase your confidence, remove negative or disempowering habits, heal injuries and maintain a healthy vitality. The choices obtainable to you are as wide and varied as your imagination. Self hypnosis is terribly powerful and incredibly accessible, using these easy techniques will have a large impact on your future.

Using sleep

Though conventional sleep isn’t the identical as hypnosis it does share certain characteristics that create it a very helpful state for planting suggestions in your subconscious mind. During traditional waking consciousness, suggestions are evaluated for credibility before they’re accepted or rejected into the deeper levels of the mind, where they are able to elicit change. As we have a tendency to relax into sleep our crucial aware minds become subdued, during a similar manner as during the progressive relaxation induction method. It is doable to use this natural trance state to plant suggestions directly into the subconscious with little or no knowledge of self hypnotic induction techniques.

Trance is not precisely what it seems to be, a hypnotist does not hypnotise someone; they merely act as a guide and facilitate the person to hypnotise themselves! After all, all hypnosis is self hypnosis! Thus, as you find out how to hypnotise folks, all you are very learning is how to assist them hypnotise themselves. Currently you know your role… I want to quickly give you an overview of the complete trance method before we have a tendency to end.

The trance process has some very specific stages, and you’ll need to learn all of them if you’re going to form it as a hypnotist. First off we tend to have the pre-hypnotic talk. This can be an off-the-cuff chat that you have together with your shopper before any trance work begins. If you are on stage, it’s everything you do and say whereas getting your volunteers!

Next we have the actual induction process. There are plenty of ways to try and do this and it’s abundant simpler than you almost certainly imagine. When the induction is complete you lead straight into a trance deepener. Next is that the important part… and that is what you do with the trance state, this could be some therapy, a stage routine or perhaps something additional exotic, like discovering past lives. Once the trance has served its purpose you create use of some post hypnotic suggestions then shut by waking the client.

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