Self-Esteem: Being Your Own Cheerleader

Many of us believe that the only way to feel good about ourselves is to have someone else constantly reaffirm to us that we are good people. The truth is, however, that the act of simply believing in ourselves can be enough to give us the necessary confidence to accomplish the impossible, achieve greatness, and pick ourselves up when we fall. Far too often we rely on others in our lives to provide us with a best friend’s kindness, a child’s love, or a spouse’s support. If we need love and support, the first place we should look is within ourselves.

Being able to love ourselves requires a lot of practice. Overcoming years of negative reinforcement from society is tough to do. However, once you can successfully say you can love yourself, nobody can take it away from you. We must learn to be our own best friend, our own cheerleaders. We need to provide ourselves with the love, kindness, and respect we all deserve and desire. Learning to love ourselves can be an ongoing process as we occasionally fall into the trap of believing we’re stupid, worthless, no good, etc.

Following are helpful ideas to use when you need inspiration to cheer yourself on.

First, when challenges arise, we must cheer or root for ourselves as we would for our loved ones if they were facing an obstacle. We wouldn’t want them to falter, so why would we allow the same to happen to ourselves? Cheering ourselves on with supportive thoughts and feelings will give us the continued strength we need to overcome many of life’s unknowns. By repeatedly telling ourselves that we are proud of who we are and what we can accomplish, we receive the encouragement needed to forge ahead in life without fear or reservation. Great things then become possible.

Another way to treat ourselves with love and kindness is to use positive self-talk, and use it often. Our minds must be constantly reinforced with the belief that we have what it takes to achieve what we desire. The resulting outcome will be an optimistic frame of mind that allows us to believe that truly anything is possible. Positive affirmations will produce the same result. Simply write down a statement, such as “I am a beautiful and lovable person.” Repeat your chosen positive affirmations daily until their truth is instilled into your consciousness. In other words, when we believe we are beautiful and lovable, we will be beautiful and lovable.

Unfortunately, being our own cheerleader also means we have to accept there will be times where we need a “pick me up.” Being there for ourselves to pick up the pieces when we’re down, or when it seems things are falling apart, is a courageous thing to do. We should not rely on others to put our lives back together for us. Rather, we must learn how to comfort ourselves and regain the positive outlook that will keep us going in the right direction. Most importantly, when feeling down, we need to take the time to reaffirm our value and our worth by the use of positive self-talk and positive affirmations.

Finally, being our own cheerleader has the distinct ability to provide us with a sense of leadership, of control over ourselves. Learning to fulfill our own needs allows us to avoid a destructive dependency on others for our feelings of worthiness. Self-worth is a belief that comes from within, and nobody can give that to us or take it away. We must remember that no matter what our circumstances are, we always deserve a pat on the back. Go ahead, give yourself the praise you deserve!

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When you don’t believe in yourself and you don’t think you could ever manage to do anything you desire, you are in a static position that leads to nowhere.

You feel sick, weak, and useless.

What can you do?

Look for solutions using different methods and studying subjects you have never cared about before. Do something to get out of your prison!

Act like a person who is trying to find a logical solution to a problem. Simply find a way to solve it.

Don’t waste your time crying and harming yourself. This is pure craziness and real stupidity. You have to be strong and face everything with courage. This way you’ll become wise and overcome all the obstacles in your way.

If you feel blocked or completely alone on an island, look for miraculous holes and try to make your own boat. Don’t abandon the battle because everything is difficult. Go ahead and try doing everything you can: don’t be static. Act, look for solutions; try everything.

You’ll learn something or achieve some success even among many failures. Every step will help you attain your aim, so keep walking, even if you feel weak, alone, lost, or worse. Keep going, and keep doing many things in order to find the solutions you need. You are the only one who can find the solutions for your specific problems. Nobody else cares about them as much as you do.

Don’t be a statue, don’t live feeling sorry for yourself and your destiny, don’t blame others for anything but forget their existence and their mistakes: focus on what you have to do in order to avoid their failures.

You can be helped and guided by the unconscious mind in your dreams. I have many students online, who are learning a lot just by reading my free articles and submitting their dreams to me over and over. Be like them and you’ll discover a lot about yourself and the world in which you live.

Your purpose in life is to pass through a process of transformation that will result in a strong personality, which will help you achieve all your goals in life, and yet help other people follow your example and be successful like you.

Be the strong one, and the helper. This is how you’ll suddenly become a person that is self-confident and has nothing to fear.

However, if you are ignorant and you have no incentive to go ahead, you’ll be a static stone… This is why you need the guidance of the unconscious mind in your dreams. Alone you won’t be able to change your attitude: this is not easy.

The unconscious mind will show you many things you ignore in your own dreams, and you’ll feel strong and protected. This will be a very good way to begin overcoming your low self esteem and having a new future in mind.

Why should you always be weak and sad?

You can be a happy person that will help everyone else find happiness like you. This destiny is much better! Follow the wise guidance of the unconscious mind in your dreams, read all my articles attentively and put my advice into practice.

From now on, make the decision to be very strong and win in life, despite all difficulties and obstacles. You deserve a big victory in life, instead of a sad and grey corner.

Start planning your new life now, so that you may find happiness, which is basic, and stop complaining and living afraid.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to exactly translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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Do you have self-esteem?

If you don’t love yourself and the body you have right now you are dooming your diet to failure.

Why do I say this? Because coming to love your current body, will lead to inner-peace. Inner-peace Will help you get past those bumps in the diet road.

Yes there will be bumps no matter how much you love your diet. You will still hear hurtful comments. When you hear that hated “she has such a pretty face, if only” smile and say to yourself “Yes I do and the rest of me is pretty terrific and getting better by the minute.”

How Do You Come To Love Your Body?
Get to know it.

Get a full length mirror and look at it. Study your good points and your bad. Watch the bad change over the weeks.

Pamper yourself, you deserve it.

Give yourself 30 minutes every day just for you. Soak in a tub, meditate, this is a good time for yoga for relaxation, take a walk or just sit back in your favorite chair and dream.

The trick here is to forget all of your daily woes. Forget about your job, your husband, your kids and pets. This is your time.


Yes I know that word sends shivers up your spine, but you need to do it. Start slow, walk, join an aerobics class for beginners or just pop in a DVD and exercise with Ann Jillian or Richard Simmons. Make sure you stretch those arms and legs before doing anything else. Even walking around the block can lead to pain if you don’t warm up first. When you are done with your selected work out, be sure to stretch some more. Gently stretch to cool down. When doing even to simplest type of exercise you need to warm up, then cool down.

Exercise can lead to self-esteem. Just watch as the weight comes off and you body firms up.

Visit The Weight Loss Simulator. It is fun and inspirational checking out your virtual before and after.


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