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Self-Esteem: Being Your Own Cheerleader

Many of us believe that the only way to feel good about ourselves is to have someone else constantly reaffirm to us that we are good people. The truth is, however, that the act of simply believing in ourselves can be enough to give us the necessary confidence to accomplish the impossible, achieve greatness, and pick ourselves up when we fall. Far too often we rely on others in our lives to provide us with a best friend’s kindness, a child’s love, or a spouse’s support. If we need love and support, the first place we should look is within ourselves.

Being able to love ourselves requires a lot of practice. Overcoming years of negative reinforcement from society is tough to do. However, once you can successfully say you can love yourself, nobody can take it away from you. We must learn to be our own best friend, our own cheerleaders. We need to provide ourselves with the love, kindness, and respect we all deserve and desire. Learning to love ourselves can be an ongoing process as we occasionally fall into the trap of believing we’re stupid, worthless, no good, etc.

Following are helpful ideas to use when you need inspiration to cheer yourself on.

First, when challenges arise, we must cheer or root for ourselves as we would for our loved ones if they were facing an obstacle. We wouldn’t want them to falter, so why would we allow the same to happen to ourselves? Cheering ourselves on with supportive thoughts and feelings will give us the continued strength we need to overcome many of life’s unknowns. By repeatedly telling ourselves that we are proud of who we are and what we can accomplish, we receive the encouragement needed to forge ahead in life without fear or reservation. Great things then become possible.

Another way to treat ourselves with love and kindness is to use positive self-talk, and use it often. Our minds must be constantly reinforced with the belief that we have what it takes to achieve what we desire. The resulting outcome will be an optimistic frame of mind that allows us to believe that truly anything is possible. Positive affirmations will produce the same result. Simply write down a statement, such as “I am a beautiful and lovable person.” Repeat your chosen positive affirmations daily until their truth is instilled into your consciousness. In other words, when we believe we are beautiful and lovable, we will be beautiful and lovable.

Unfortunately, being our own cheerleader also means we have to accept there will be times where we need a “pick me up.” Being there for ourselves to pick up the pieces when we’re down, or when it seems things are falling apart, is a courageous thing to do. We should not rely on others to put our lives back together for us. Rather, we must learn how to comfort ourselves and regain the positive outlook that will keep us going in the right direction. Most importantly, when feeling down, we need to take the time to reaffirm our value and our worth by the use of positive self-talk and positive affirmations.

Finally, being our own cheerleader has the distinct ability to provide us with a sense of leadership, of control over ourselves. Learning to fulfill our own needs allows us to avoid a destructive dependency on others for our feelings of worthiness. Self-worth is a belief that comes from within, and nobody can give that to us or take it away. We must remember that no matter what our circumstances are, we always deserve a pat on the back. Go ahead, give yourself the praise you deserve!

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The fact is, these situations require a little more planning if you want to escape unharmed. Being prepared doesn’t mean you’re less macho, but it does mean that you are prepared for anything that comes your way. These are some of the most popular self defense products for guys heading away to college:
1. Pepper spray. This useful self defense product is not just for women. Even if you plan to fight back physically if you are ever attacked, pepper spray provides the edge you need to get away. Keep a canister of pepper spray on your keychain in case you ever need it – what do you have to lose? One of the many benefits of pepper spray is that it can be used against multiple assailants if you find yourself confronted by an angry group.
2. Expandable baton or Kubotan. For guys who prefer a more hands-on style of self defense, consider a an expandable baton or Kubotan. These keychain self defense products have many uses, though they require a bit more experience to use correctly. Use it as a poking or stabbing device or as part of your car emergency kit to break a window if needed.
3. Self defense DVDs. If you insist on relying only on your own power to protect yourself from attack, make sure you know how to do it effectively. Self defense training DVDs will teach you the moves you need for real-world scenarios. This type of self defense is much different than the hypothetical training you’d get at a martial arts school.
4. Diversion safe. Self defense isn’t just about protecting your personal safety, but also your belongings. Are you worried about your iPod or iPhone getting stolen from your car or your dorm room? Use a diversion safe, which is shaped like an everyday product like a soda can. Hide your valuables in plain sight – no one will ever give your hiding place a second look.
5. Door and window alarms. It’s much easier to keep someone out of your home than to fight them off once they get in. Door and window alarms are crucial home security measures for any living space, from the smallest dorm room to the biggest mansion. By protecting your home, you reduce the chance that you will ever have to use your pepper spray, baton, or self defense skills to fight off an intruder.
Far too many guys think that they will never be the victim of an attack, or will be able to physically fight off an attacker. The truth is, in a situation where you are being attacked, you will not be prepared for a fight – but your attacker will be. That’s why you need the self defense products on this list, to ensure a fighting chance to defend yourself or someone else should the need arise.
Learn about personal security options in your area by talking to local law enforcement. Many people don’t take this extra step, but by talking to the experts on crime, you can find out what works best to keep criminals from turning you into a victim. Get advice on a range of personal safety equipment including a personal safety alarm, lock or other self defense weapons. Your personal safety is just as important to your local law enforcement as it is to you.

In todays violent world, it is good to know some self defense tactics. These tactics can successfully allow for escape from a dangerous situation or lead one to avoid it altogether. Self defense tactics speak to the way a confrontation is handled rather than to the implementation of specific techniques or learnt responses such as a specific kick, hold or manoeuvre.

A useful self defense tactic is to cultivate the warrior mindset. This refers to the determination to survive a violent encounter at any cost including using reasonable force against an attacker to preserve life or property. This allows an individual to control fear to the extent where they are able to respond in a logical, clear manner to a threat and to do what is necessary to preserve their lives. Survival and escape are the dominant motives behind this self defense tactic.

Practicing alertness is also a good self defense tactic. People who are alert are less likely to become victims as they are often able to assess the level of threat ahead of time and either avoid it or make provisions to come out of it alive. Simple steps such as avoiding dark areas late at night or walking with company in crime-ridden areas may prove an adequate deterrent to criminals looking for an easy prey.

Cultivating an air of confidence can result in lesser attacks. Criminals tend to target persons they perceive as being weak and inept. Persons who exude self confidence may prove a greater risk to criminals and hence increase the chances of their detection and arrest.

Using self defense products can be very useful and effective. If used properly they will allow for a period of time to escape. Persons who arm themselves with these items are also likelier to have an escape plan and know how to implement it. Tactically, they are better prepared than those who are less prepared.
Keeping physically fit and living at a fitness level which allows for a quick, decisive response to a physical attack is the best way to implement the lessons learnt in self defense classes. Getting and staying fit is a good self defense tactic.

Learning self defense techniques which are realistic are more helpful during a confrontation than a series of karate kata which are not realistic. Realistic self defense lessons involve techniques which involve hitting and being hit. There is no other way to get over the mental shock of being hit and attacked. A good self defense tactic is to practice these techniques so that they become instinctive. During an attack there is no time to think about which move is next as it may be the last!

Remaining calm is probably the greatest self defense tactic. No personal self defense product, weapon or technique learnt, will help if panic sets in during a confrontation. Staying calm will communicate confidence to the assailant and could prove to be an advantage. It will also allow for a proper assessment of the situation and an effective strategic response.

Self defense tactics are important. They dont have to be complicated, they just have to work! Practice these tactics and see the difference they make.

The odds of you being a victim of a violent crime this year is 1 in 48. Learn how to protect and defense yourself and loved ones so you don’t become a statistic. For more information on Self Defense Tactics

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