Self hypnosis is the art of controlling your own subconscious with the intent of self-improvement. This type of hypnosis is very safe, relaxing, and can often be a good alternative to chemical behavior modifiers.

Most people have experienced self hypnosis one some level. Deep concentration, daydreaming, and ‘zoning out’ are all examples of unstructured, free self hypnosis. If you decide to purchase a CD or audio tape to induce this state of mental relaxation, the main variance will be that your mind is now under a structured system of positive suggestion.

We all hear suggestions in our regular day-to-day lives, and not many of them influence who we are or what we do. So how is it that the power of suggestion is such a major part of self hypnotism?

By planting suggestions directly into the subconscious, the part of the mind that is awake is not around to question or doubt. Our subconscious mind controls the fundamental operations or our bodies, so if something is truth to the subconscious mind, it is also truth to the entire body. Belief is so powerful that people who have been told inaccurate details while under hypnosis will often react violently if they encounter one of those situations in the real world.

For example, if a person’s subconscious believes that jelly is toxic to the touch, that person will react as if burn when in contact with jelly. Just as our minds acknowledge a fire is hot and pull your hand away in an exaggerated motion well before a burn sets is, the subconscious can be taught that jelly will procure a similar effect. Such extreme mental manipulation is not usually capable with self hypnosis, but the principles behind the methods are the same.

A variety of free therapies are available. Social networking sites have free videos that incorporate visual stimulation as well as relaxing, repetitive audio.

Mantras, phrases repeated often throughout the day, are also available to those who search for them. A mantra is a form of positive affirmation and can be useful in motivating an individual from moment to moment.

The most sought-after form of free therapy is in the form of audio listened to during sleep. Sleep is considered the body’s most relaxed, absorptive state. Though you do not acknowledge hearing the words on a hypnosis audio track, the words are being absorbed into the subconscious and broken down into behavior-modifying suggestions.

Self hypnosis is not something that requires someone to be in a trance. You will not have to stand in front of a mirror to hypnotize yourself with a swinging pendulum. Instead, using methods that are pure, positive suggestions, you can overcome obstacles that may seem overwhelming.

Self hypnotism is an excellent way to improve quality of life for yourself and others. Once you learn to perform self hypnotism on yourself, you will know the influencing power of your suggestions on others. Influence someone in such a positive way is also another form of affirmative reinforcement for your own therapy.

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