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There is a lot of coverage within the media about how digital forensics have been used within a court case to prosecute. However, within the British judicial system, someone is innocent until proven otherwise.

With this in mind, there are many ways in which criminal defence law firms can use digital forensics to defending a client.  Digital forensics covers the use of mobile phones, computers and even satellite navigation units – in short, any digital device.  . All of these can help the accused prove their innocence if looked in to correctly.

Computer forensics has helped many cases, primarily for prosecution, but it can be used to help people prove they have not committed the crime they have been accused of.

With the help of digital and computer forensics specialists, there are many ways a case can be helped if digital evidence has been presented against the accused. There are many strict rules and regulations that must be followed to extract evidence properly. If these rules have not been followed the evidence can be deemed invalid.

Any extracted evidence should have been done so by an approved analyst to be deemed an admissible source. If this is proven not to be the case, then the evidence is worthless and other sources will need to be found to support the case.

Alongside these points there are other factors that decide whether evidence extracted is usable. By choosing a reputable computer forensics company, they will be able to provide answers to such questions and know whether the evidence provided has been found legitimately or not.

The digital finger-prints we leave in today’s society means anything and everything can potentially be traced back. With this in mind it is important to remember that although we can extract data vital to proving conviction – or innocence, there are still procedures that need to be followed.

If the guidelines are not followed, extracted data is invalid, so ensure where any case is presented the facts are checked, and the only people to do this are the digital forensic professionals.

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Bharat Defence provides a forum for individuals to discuss the state of Indian Defence. Topics range from military defence issues to international relations. Users can join a conversation already in progress or start their own thread.

Forum users must be registered on the site to post responses and articles. The forum is searchable so users can see if a thread has already been started on a particular subject. It is searchable by subject and keyword. Users can also see current discussions taking place under individual categories.

On the initial page of the Bharat Defence forum, a list of categories and subcategories are listed. For each subcategory, the number of threads and posts are listed as is the date and description of the last post in that subcategory. Users can quickly peruse subcategories to see if any new posts have been added.

As with most forums, Bharat Defence has moderators who monitor discussions. One reason for this is to keep users focused on a particular topic. Moderators can also quickly remove messages that violate the site’s policies. However, the most important role of the moderator is to encourage interaction between users.

Although users cannot see each others email addresses, they can send emails to one another through the site. Emails can be disabled for particular discussions. And users can decline to receive emails from within the site. Users have public profiles so others in the forum can learn more about one another.

In addition to their public profile, users can establish notification preferences. Friend requests from other users should be accepted or declined. Users can create or join groups and subscribe to threads. Notifications are send daily or weekly or not at all depending upon user preference.

Polls are another common activity on the Bharat Defence forum. Users can create their own poll or participate in a poll established by someone else on the site. These quick surveys provide immediate feedback on where users stand on specific issues.

The Bharat Defence Forum is a great way to establish your reputation as an expert on Indian affairs. Other users can rate the quality of your postings. The higher the ratings, the better your reputation. Reputation power is something users earn over time. Like other things on the forum, users can hide their reputation score so that it is not visible on their public profile.

Rating threads or discussions is always fun. Users can quickly pinpoint popular discussions by identifying those with the highest ratings. These threads are likely controversial in some aspect, causing many users to voice their opinion.

Both agreement and dissent are welcome on the forum. Users have anonymity on forums which fosters an environment of open debate contentious subjects. Presentation of multiple viewpoints help flush out thoughts and ideas.

Participating on the Bharat Defence forum can help shape public perception and, over time, public policy. The more Indian and international citizens who contribute to online discussions and debate, the more information becomes available to citizens, political leaders, and global supporters.

To discuss current Indian affairs visit Indian Defence Bharat Defence the leading online Indian forum.

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